NY State lawmaker proposing insurance policies for gun owners (video)

A state lawmaker is proposing more restrictions on gun owners…

A state lawmaker is proposing more restrictions on gun owners and if it becomes law, it could cost hundreds of dollars each year to own a firearm. A New York lawmaker is proposing expensive insurance policies for anyone who wants to own a gun.

State Legislator Felix Ortiz says if people want to buy a gun , they need to buy at least one million dollar insurance policy.

Several published reports are estimating this kind of insurance could cost up to $22-hundred a year. one gun dealer who questions the benefit of the law, is saying it goes after the wrong people.

Kordell Jackson, gun dealer, said, “I think they have gone way out of control with this.”

Source: Lynette Adams for WHEC

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  • I barely get by with my bills as it is, what a load of $#!+. These libs can’t be serious.

  • concerned citizen

    I think that if this law takes affect it should apply to everybody that carries a weapon. Thought the years we’ve seen off duty police officers, as well as law makers from every state commit crimes. and the armerican tax payers shouldn’t have to pay the premiums for anybody who is capable of shooting their spouses, neigbors, or anybody who looks at them crosseyed.
    NRA take note of this. taxpayers are not to be taxed because some idiot politian wants to jump on the band wagaon.

  • N. Louisiana Deputy

    What absolute IDIOCY! Mr Ortiz needs to be REPLACED!