NYC correction officer shoots and kills enraged gunman inside Brooklyn barber shop.

An off-duty city correction officer getting a haircut shot and…

An off-duty city correction officer getting a haircut shot and killed an enraged gunman inside a Brooklyn barbershop on Tuesday, officials said.

Officer Michael Mininni, 25, was sitting inside Maciones Barbershop on Bath Ave. near 17th Ave. in Bensonhurst when Carlo Calabro, 77, burst in about 1:30 p.m., officials said.

“He went into the barbershop and starts getting into it with [Mininni] while he was in the chair,” a source said.

Calabro – who lived next door to Mininni’s family just two blocks away – was a neighborhood nuisance who had a long-standing beef with the off-duty officer, friends said.

The raging septuagenarian brandished a silver .25-caliber pistol and threatened Mininni, sources said.

The officer pulled out his service-issued 9-mm. handgun and the pair got into a tussle. Witnesses heard about five shots from the inside the shop.

“The old man got shot right in the forehead,” said Pedro Tlapa, 26, who ran out of his home next door during the gunfire.

Source: Kerry Burke, John Lauinger and Joe Kemp for the N.Y. Daily News.

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    Why carry a concealed weapon? Because you never know!