NYPD and FBI tussle over turf, with consequences for terror cases as police expand role.

The relationship between the FBI and the NYPD — particularly…

The relationship between the FBI and the NYPD — particularly the NYPD Intelligence Division — is among the most studied collaborations in all law enforcement. In the New York media, the fighting and personalities are frequently covered like a dysfunctional celebrity marriage, with perceived betrayal and reconciliation spilling into the news.

The dispute is not trivial. At its core, it is based on fundamental disagreements between the nation’s largest police force and the nation’s premier counterterrorism agency. As the NYPD has transformed itself into one of the nation’s most aggressive intelligence agencies and has spied on Muslims in ways that would be prohibited for the FBI, the rift has widened.

The result is that, in America’s largest city, the NYPD and FBI are at times working at cross-purposes. Documents show that the NYPD conducted surveillance on mosques outside its jurisdiction, recording license plates of worshippers as they came and went. On its own, the NYPD has tried its hand at counterintelligence, the clandestine world that within the United States is run by the FBI under a presidential order.

Read the N.Y. Daily News/Associated Press article at New York Daily News.

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  • Jay C.

    This is proof that NYPD is a runaway Nazi-styled regime of the Communist City of New York, led by its Fascist Mayor. Don’t know how the sheep of the city tolerate it.

  • Mr. Blue

    Good for the NYPD. Root these hostile foreigners out.