NYPD and Microsoft build high tech crime fighting ‘dashboard’

An emergency call comes in about a possible bomb in…

An emergency call comes in about a possible bomb in lower Manhattan and an alert pops up on computer screens at the New York Police Department, instantly showing officers an interactive map of the neighborhood, footage from nearby security cameras, whether there are high radiation levels and whether any other threats have been made against the city.

In a click, police know exactly what they’re getting into.

Such a hypothetical scenario may seem like something out of a futuristic crime drama, but the technology is real, developed in a partnership between America’s largest police department and Microsoft Corp., and the latest version has been quietly in use for about a year.

The project could pay off in more ways than one: The NYPD could make tens of millions of dollars under an unprecedented marketing deal that allows Microsoft to sell the system to other law enforcement agencies and civilian companies around the world. The city will get a 30 percent cut.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2013/02/21/nypd-and-microsoft-build-high-tech-crime-fighting-dashboard/#ixzz2LdKA7Y16

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Is there an app for so called assault weapons?