NYPD, Brooklyn clergy gets guns off streets, buys 174 weapons.

The NYPD and Brooklyn clergy paired up Saturday to buy…

The NYPD and Brooklyn clergy paired up Saturday to buy scores of guns to get them off the street, police said.

The team, dubbed the Coalition to Reduce Violent Crime, netted 174 firearms in a six-hour period during its Cash for Guns event, which began at 11 a.m., police said.

The group handed out $200 bank cards to buy the guns with “no questions asked” at two locations – First Baptist Church in Brownsville and Southern Baptist Church in East New York, police said.

A pink 9-mm. pistol, an AK-47 assault rifle and a miniature Uzi were among 60 semiautomatic weapons recovered, cops said.

The group also purchased 72 revolvers, 19 rifles, five shotguns and one sawed-off shotgun during the event, police said.

A number of zip guns, or improvised firearms, also were exchanged during the program.

More than 6,000 guns have been removed from city streets since cops first partnered with clergy in 2008 to buy the weapons, police said.

Source: Joe Kemp for NY Daily News.

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  • General Jim M

    It makes a market for stolen guns,it also makes the pastor guilty of buying stolen property.If someone is going to turn in a gun for a small amount of cash,it is probably NOT their gun.Shouldn’t the cops be tracking down who these guns lawfully belong to? If a piece of personal property is stolen is the the property of the police department? In my opinion,stolen is stolen:cops should not sell ( auction ) stolen property.

  • General Jim M

    I wonder if the NYPD and the clergy are violating any federal regs in acquiring these weapons without FFLs or federal background checks on the guns?I think that the ATF should look into this.Can the NYPD violate the gun laws? ATF told Tennessee that they cannot.So why is it that a city can but a state cannot? Why can they buy those guns without any FBI or ATF supervision?