NYPD built secret files on NJ, Long Island mosques.

Americans living and working in New Jersey's largest city were…

Americans living and working in New Jersey’s largest city were subjected to surveillance as part of the New York Police Department’s effort to build databases of where Muslims work, shop and pray. The operation in Newark was so secretive even the city’s mayor says he was kept in the dark.

For months in mid-2007, plainclothes officers from the NYPD’s Demographics Units fanned out across Newark, taking pictures and eavesdropping on conversations inside businesses owned or frequented by Muslims.

The result was a 60-page report, obtained by The Associated Press, containing brief summaries of businesses and their clientele. Police also photographed and mapped 16 mosques, listing them as “Islamic Religious Institutions.”

Source: Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo for the Associated Press.

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Jeff, you never left your jurisdiction? There are hundreds of times you leave to look at someone, something and yes even build files, take notes etc. Try working a burlgalry, rape or homicide in a small town without leaving the jurisdiction LOL good luck. Dunno where NJ and NY end or begin just to look anyway. The Feds are not doing what NYPD is doing sadly. No laws were broken, eavesdropping isnt illegal with ears and photos work both ways as the civil liberties pushed in court recently when folks were photgraphing/videoing police. Yep works both ways when in the “public”.
    This is only being made an issue because of the religion.

  • Jeff

    No matter how important the work maybe, I don’t think its appropriate for NYPD to conducting police investigations outside their jurisdiction. Simply outside their jurisdiction they aren’t bound by the same requirements for warrants and privacy consideration a local police force is bound by. They can act without the legal restrictions normally placed on the police, because in another state they aren’t the police; their lack of local oversite means they are acting outside the law without accountability and authority.