NYPD collects 354 weapons in Bronx gun buyback.

Police say 354 guns including an Uzi submachine gun and…

Police say 354 guns including an Uzi submachine gun and four AK-47-style assault rifles were turned in during a one-day gun buyback program in the Bronx.

The guns were brought into three churches on Saturday in exchange for bank cards worth up to $600.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said turning in guns prevents the weapons from getting into the hands of criminals.

Source: The Associated Press via The Wall Street Journal.

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  • tom

    Just to clarify my post.

    If you go to the WSJ article it lists the weapons bought back and lists zip guns and starter pistols.

  • tom

    I could buy a starter pistol for $75 sell it back for $200. Sounds like a deal to me. Last time I saw a picture of a zip gun it was a short length of pipe, a piece of wood, some electrical tape, a couple of rubber bands, and a nail. That might cost $5. Which way to the gun buyback?

  • NINE MILLION PEOPLE LIVE IN NYC! 354 GUNS..BOUGHT BACK…wow… Hey Bloomberg get a life.