NYPD ‘courtesy cards’ for family, friends sold online (video).

For years in New York City, it's been customary for…

For years in New York City, it’s been customary for police officers to hand out “courtesy cards” to family and friends, but an I-Team investigation has found some of these cards are being sold to strangers on the Internet.

Some who hold the cards — wallet-sized pieces of plastic emblazoned with the logos and names of various labor unions representing NYPD personnel — believe that flashing the card could help them win leniency from police during traffic stops for minor infractions.

Favoritism from police was a supposed selling point when NBC New York’s I-Team recorded video of a sales pitch from a civilian middleman who brought an assortment of union cards on a South Brooklyn street corner.

Source: Tom Burke and Chris Glorioso, NBCNewYork.com.

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  • Jimmy Mullin

    Do the Mafia get a pension?

  • Jimmy Mullin

    What is the difference between the Mafia and the NYPD?

  • PatHasNoClue

    Pat obviously has no clue what would happen to the rest of the country if NYC disappeared. Going to guess he/she has never so much as visited there and is only going on what he/she has read/heard about the place. This is similar to the way some Europeans think about the U.S. as a whole. Or as a hole, as some of them seem to think of it. LOL

    Yes, pal, we need NYC, like it or not.

  • Pat

    Corruption in NYC? Really? Like the rest of the country doesn’t already know that NYC is responsible for so many of the problems going on in this country. Who cares about NYC. The rest of the country would be better off without them.