NYPD Program Patrols Inside Private Buildings

Jay Victorino was standing outside his mother's apartment when he…

Jay Victorino was standing outside his mother’s apartment when he was grabbed by police, and he says if she hadn’t come downstairs to identify him he would’ve been arrested on a trespassing charge.

That’s because his mother’s South Bronx building is one of thousands of private dwellings patrolled by the New York Police Department under a program known as Operation Clean Halls.

Victorino, 28, has mixed feelings about the program — on one hand, he has seen his neighborhood become safer. On the other, he doesn’t think it’s right to be targeted.

“I don’t want to be stopped,” he said. “But I also don’t want something bad to happen to my family. It’s not easy to say what the right answer is. … It’s not a perfect world.”

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