NYPD To Retrain Officers on Stop-And-Frisk

The job of stop, question and frisk is not an…

The job of stop, question and frisk is not an easy one. But there’s a right way to do it.

“We have designed (the training) to talk about courtesy, professionalism and respect and how to interact with people in a free society,” said James O’Keefe, the deputy commissioner of training.

The NYPD is using its Rodman’s Neck training facility to put officers through real-life scenarios. Role playing is designed to help avoid racial profiling and determine when a stop-and-frisk should be done.

The NYPD said people should know that stop, question and frisk is legal.

“If we reasonably suspect that someone is, is about to or did engage in a crime, we can forcibly stop that individual,” said Inspector Kelly Sweet. “The law allows us to seize them.”

Read more and see video at NY1

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