Oakland, CA officers again plagued by radio glitch (video).

Problems that have plagued the Oakland Police Department’s radio communications…

Problems that have plagued the Oakland Police Department’s radio communications system off and on this year struck again Thursday, preventing officers in the field from talking to one another or dispatchers for about two hours.

The problems also hampered communications for the city’s fire department.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said the city has been working hard to fix its aging radio communications system but there won’t be a long-term solution until a new system in fully implemented later this year.

Source: CBS San Francisco

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  • I know about Oakland, a Marine Comrade lived through 25 years of patroling the mean streets of Oakland. Oakland is led by and populated by criminals, and Communists. The mayor was not elected by a majority vote…in fact she was the runner up in the recent election…she is the mayor because she had enough runner up points to prevail (sounds crazy…ck it out they do not have run off elections). Oakland is and will remain a disaster, just like the rest of Kalifornia..hell, 3 term Governor Brown..was mayor of Oakland (after 2 terms as Governor and before becoming Attorney General)…he could save the State a great deal of money if he gave up 1 of his 3 or 4 state retirement checks.