Oakland to issue I.D. cards to illegal immigrants, grant access to more city services

OAKLAND, Calif.– Oakland's City Council voted this week to create…

OAKLAND, Calif.– Oakland’s City Council voted this week to create identification cards that would grant illegal immigrants easier access to city and business services, and improve their civic participation.  The decision comes only two years after reaffirming Oakland as a “sanctuary city,” and the program used to implement it is modeled after San Francisco, which began issuing I.D. cards to illegal immigrants earlier this year.

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  • areli

    you know what? I don’t appreciate your sarcasm.
    Immigrants are actually the ones that help the economy to keep going. They take the hard jobs that you lazzy Americans won’t take. And trust me, they belong here. Learn your history because the so-called ‘Americans’ are the real immigrants. Aren’t they the ones that immigrated from Europe? Shouldn’t they be called immigrants instead? Anyways…while you’re at it, go ahead and learn how to spell California sweet heart! Good luck in life you ignorant!

  • You got to be kiding

    Well, that is a good idea, Hey, I know, lets put them in all those forclosed homes too, oh and while we are at it, give them social security and free heathcare.
    How about getting sending them back from were they came from.
    No wonder Kalifornia is broke.