Oakland Tries To Circumvent California Gun Control Rules

A public hearing was scheduled for Friday in Oakland to…

A public hearing was scheduled for Friday in Oakland to discuss a proposed state law that would allow Oakland to essentially circumvent California’s existing gun regulations in favor of something one city councilwoman suggested is better suited for violence-plagued Oakland.

Oakland City Councilwoman Libby Schaaf, who represents District 4, which includes Oakland’s Allendale, Brookdale, Crestmont, Montclair and Oakmore neighborhoods among others, petitioned Assemblyman Rob Bonta, (D-Oakland), to draft AB 180.

“Under AB 180, the City of Oakland would be given the authority to regulate the registration of firearms and licensing of gun owners—areas which are currently pre-empted by state law. AB 180 is a smart and sensible bill that empowers Oakland and provides local control in addressing gun violence,” said Bonta.

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  • Moby

    The basic problem is some folks think the safety and security of the citizenry is primarily with the government. This is a false idea. The security of ones home, family, and self falls upon the individual and family it self. Police cannot be every where BEFORE a crime occurs. You cannot litigate against a police force for a crime against you. The Supreme Court has ruled it is not police forces job to protect you from harm. Their job is to enforce laws and apprehend those who violate laws. Passing more laws of course never has and never will prevent crime. Armed citizenry always has and always will be the leverage that reduces crime. It’s just not any more complicated than that.

  • Oakland has always been a tough hood. The problem is street gangs and has been for years and years. Civilian ownership of firearms has never been nor will it ever be the problem. It’s a red herring.
    The strategy going forward is to use the LEGO approach to gun control. What Oakland has to do is address the gang problem. Gangs break into police stations, police cars, stores and homes to get guns and AB180 will do nothing.
    If you want to do some interesting reading download the FBI’s 2011 Gang Threat Assessment. It’s 100 pages of eye openers.

  • Wee Man

    Amen Ruger.

  • Ruger454

    As a former resident of California before the legislature in Sacramento went crackers, I can certify to Wee Man that the only reason that the existing gun control laws are on the books in California is politics. The safety and security of citizens – the prime responsibility of government – is not a consideration in California. Which, of course, is why they have gun laws that effectively preclude a law abiding citizen who legally owns a firearm to defend himself, and is also why Oakland and other urban areas have such preposterous crime rates. The preposterousness began, and remains, in Sacramento.

  • Wee Man

    I’m so sick of this libtard mess. The law is there for a reason. More regulation in Oakland isn’t going to do a damn thing.