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  • Leo

    From what the article says, they’re cutting the budget because fewer officers were injured/killed last year than is the norm. I’d consider this to be a good thing, unless you’re pro-dead police officers.
    Last year they didn’t even need $40 million. Unless more than 200 police officers die there shouldn’t be a problem (and even then I’m sure they can find money somewhere).

  • [sarcasm]Thank God we had all that trillions of dollars in stimulus spending that had to be done to save the country, so there would be money to cut from the PSOB.[/sarcasm]

  • James Lake

    Well, what can we say about that. All kinds of money is going to terrorists nations to “help” them out but our president doesn’t seem to care one whit about victims of violence or for those that try to protect us from violence, namely our police and service men and women. He will not stop until we are disarmed and helpless. Then he will be able to “take care” of us with more big government to protect us. Hey, is this comment going to prompt a visit from the feds?