President Obama chooses not to release bin Laden photos.

Despite mounting pressure from some lawmakers and dissent within the…

Despite mounting pressure from some lawmakers and dissent within the ranks of his top advisers, President Barack Obama decided not to release photos of Osama bin Laden’s dead body, a White House spokesman said Wednesday.

“It is not in our national security interest … to allow these images to become icons to rally opinion against the United States,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters.

“We have no need to publish those photographs to establish that Osama bin Laden was killed,” he added.

Source: CNN

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  • jsa

    Please. You can’t take the word of Seal Team 6 that they took this guy out? Because if you say Obama is lying about it then must be ST6 is lying also. The photos from Abu Ghraib did us no good and these images will do the same. Get over yourself. If you have to see images of dead guys taken out during the raid, Reuters paid a Paki Security guy for images of the other three, including probably UBL’s son. The resemblance is pretty striking. Check them on CNN.

  • General Jim M

    He is so sensitive to the muslims,it almost seems like he could be a muslim,now where have i heard that before? Can you imagine if America was to have a president that would work against our traditional allies and work for our enemies.I mean,that just couldn’t happen.Did the FBI and CIA ever check this guy out? What did they find?