Obama Not ‘Backing Off’ Assault Weapon Ban

MEXICO CITY, Mexico– President Obama announced Thursday his insistence to…

MEXICO CITY, Mexico– President Obama announced Thursday his insistence to continue the crackdown on assault weapon sales in the U.S.  Standing alongside Mexican President Felipe Calderón, Obama stated that he has “not backed off at all” on his original campaign pledge to reinstate the ban on assault weapons originally instituted under President Clinton, then reversed by President George W. Bush.

“I continue to believe that we can respect and honor the Second Amendment right in our Constitution — the rights of sportsmen and hunters and homeowners that want to keep their families safe — to lawfully bear arms, while dealing with assault weapons that, as we know here in Mexico, are used to fuel violence,” Obama said.

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  • Paul

    First he takes Assault Weapons, then handguns and then shotguns. Thats how totalitarian regimes came to power – by taking away guns from the populace. What are we supposed to defend ourselves and families with??? I guess I oughta stock up on bbs, wait will bb guns be banned too?

  • CavScout62

    SOSDD. This Kenyan only has a little over a tear left in OUR whitehouse. If the American people will just vote using the brain instead of emotion we can rid ourselves of this embarressment and all his cronies in the congress and senate!

  • Mark Miller

    He stood next to UAW workers while polling to get their votes…now he wants GM to bankrupt.
    How many of those UAW workers do you think want their guns now??

    He will go down as “the worst failure in American History”

    Its ok to give millions to Wallstreet and Corp America Gordon Gecko types….They do more damage to this Country than any law abiding Gun Owner.

  • S. Velez

    I going to join the N.R.A. rigth now. Is the only way I can help the Second Amemmet againts the people try to take my rigth to keep bear arms. Democrats need to remember the 1994 congrecional election.

  • Dan Tatum

    As Guy Lawson of “ROLLING STONE” stated in his “Mexico At Arms” 11/13/2008—-“Led by Heriberto”the Executioner” Lazcano, the Zeta paramilitaries are far more sophisticated in their weaponry and combat skills than the hapless and corruption-addled policia. It is as if the Navy SEALS or an FBI SWAT team went to work for the Russian mob.” Los Zetas of course were trained by the US at Fort Benning, GA. So to think that the souce of their sophisticated weaponry comes from gun stores in the US is absurb. The weaponry used is far more sophisticated than any thing avsilable legslly in the US. did one think that Pablo Escobar got his AK-47s from US—-try Cuba. Gun merchants move weapons—not gun stores.

  • gary

    I heard an interesting tid bit the other evening.
    Why is it that the US agents and the US government is responsible for firearms going south?
    Isnt that the responsiblity of the Mexican Government? They are responsible for protecting their borders, not us !

    We check vehicle coming North, protecting OUR borders!
    President Obama and his administration are using a bad situation in Mexico to take away our gun rights. It is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to circumvent the laws and law makers in the US to force a gun control measure on the citizens of the US. They, the administration, want our guns!
    He knows he does not have the votes to get it done, Sen Feinstein in Ca. knows she cant get it done, so this is the way they will try.

    We need to be engaged and defend our rights.
    Join a gun rights group, join a gun club, get involved and for liberties sake, vote !

    ” I ll keep my guns, my money and my freedom, you can keep the change”!

  • S. Velez

    I very disapoiting the corruption of Mexican Goverment is the real problem here. Remember Agt, Camarena. We cant not surrender the Secont Amenment for no one. I am State Police Officer in the Commonwealt Of Puerto Rico, and federal law banning the semi-auto rifle is politcal one and wrong one. I am proud to be a North American Citizen, I am Puertorriquño. Before the the semi-auto ban in 1994, the mexican drug cartels buy guns from same people today the ones that kill Quique Camarena. Mr. Calderón, you have no rigth try to impose your thinking in U.S.A., back off. The violent in Mixico, is because the lawabiding mexican citizen dont have the right to keep and bear arms only the goverment and the crminal have that in Mexico, I think that is the problem. Well who I am to think?

  • Lyle Snodgrass

    The notion that violating US Citizen Civil Rights and Responsibilities will have an beneficial effect on violence in a foreign country is unsound.

    It is an embarrassment for a United States Official (President) to suggest that Our Bill of Rights grants us freedoms that we US Citizens not entitled to.

    It is a dishonor to the United States that an official of the executive (law enforcement) branch would conspicuously fail to enforce the existing laws, and then suggest that the Rights and Responsibilities guaranteed by our Bill of Rights is to blame.

    It is abundantly clear that our founding fathers understood that despite the many Rights and Responsibilities bestowed upon the individual US Citizen, the sovereign rights of the individual citizen could ONLY be guaranteed by the armed citizen.

    Moreover, it is clear that this specific right and responsibility was anticipated (indeed certain) to be continuously challenged such that the unmistakable wording “shall not be infringed” was added.

    It is illegal to infringe in any way whatsoever the right and responsibility of the US Citizen to keep and bear arms.

    It is illegal for the US Citizen to abdicate the right and responsibility to keep and bear arms.