Obama takes gun control push to law enforcement, American people

President Obama, taking his first trip outside Washington to rally…

President Obama, taking his first trip outside Washington to rally support for new gun measures, stood alongside dozens of uniformed police officers here Monday as he delivered a forceful defense of mandatory background checks for all gun buyers.

Obama also touted his proposed bans on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines during a speech at the Minneapolis Police Department’s Special Operations Center, signaling his intent to keep pushing for several major policy changes in Congress.

But Obama focused his remarks Monday on his most popular proposal — universal background checks — calling it a “smart” idea rather than a conservative or liberal one. The president sought to drive a wedge between the powerful National Rifle Association, which opposes universal background checks, and the American public, which polls suggest overwhelmingly supports the idea.

Referring to “lobbyists in Washington claiming to speak for gun owners,” Obama said, “We can’t allow those filters to get in the way of common sense. . . . I need everybody who’s listening to keep the pressure on their members of Congress to do the right thing.”

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  • The only common sense to be had here is realizing that this $#!+ isn’t working in potus’ home town so what makes him think it will work for the country as a whole. I’m from the state of West Virginia, one of the most Pro Gun states in the country. Everyday im on the frontlines in my hometown trying to encourage people to write their congress and state appointed officials and tell them that us pro gun citizens will not lye down and get stepped on. I feel like nobody in my state is taking this matter as serious as I or the people that visit this site are. I’ve tried making the local news and have also posted fliers all around town that list websites that would make it easy for people to write our leaders and elected officials. Any ideas on what else I could do to rally the people together to fight these absurd laws that they want to get passed?

  • Tom From Roanoke

    Molon Labe, you jug eared Curious George looking buffoon.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    not gonna happen, keep dreaming