Obama tries to limit U.S. military power in space with “space arms-control initiative.”

The Obama administration is launching a new space arms-control initiative…

The Obama administration is launching a new space arms-control initiative that critics say will lead to restrictions on U.S. military activities in space, a key U.S. strategic war-fighting advantage.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is expected to announce the initiative as early as Tuesday. The plan will be built on work contained in a European Union draft code of conduct for space that the Pentagon and State Department have criticized as too restrictive.

“The United States has decided to enter into formal consultations and negotiations with the European Union and other spacefaring nations to develop an International Code of Conduct,” said an administration official familiar with the announcement.

Read the rest of Bill Gertz’s article at The Washington Times.

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  • Rick

    Absolutely, Obama is right again. Lets limit what this Country can do to protect and defend ourselves. And no better person to lead than our most Liberal Democrat Hillary. I feel warm all over just thinking about it. We certainly would not want to hurt another Countries feelings. I am sure that the Soviets and China can be trusted to follow this Law, yeah right.