Off-duty Coast Guardsman provided first aid to downed Virginia Beach F/A-18D Hornet pilot.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Nick Beane, a canine handler stationed…

Petty Officer 2nd Class Nick Beane, a canine handler stationed with the Maritime Security Response Team, was at a friend’s house having lunch when he heard the roar of jet planes overhead.

“My training kicked in,” Beane said. “I saw the fire and explosion, and I knew I had to help.”

He raced to the nearby buildings on fire and began to knock on doors to make sure everyone was safely outside.

As he rounded the corner, he found the pilot, still attached to his parachute, which was caught on the building’s roof, lying on the ground a few dozen feet from the flames.

Source: LT Stephanie Young for Coast Guard Compass.

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Awesome! Military training saving lives. You can train a monkey with a stick to kill but saving folks takes skill and blessings.