Off-duty US navy sailor thwarts Dubai rape attempt with leg stranglehold

A bus driver who tried to rape a passenger at…

A bus driver who tried to rape a passenger at knifepoint chose the wrong victim, a court heard yesterday.

The woman, an off-duty US navy sailor, knocked the knife from his grasp, broke it in two, bit his hand, wrestled him to the ground and put him in a stranglehold between her thighs.

Having beaten him into submission, she left the bus and reported the incident to her commander.

Prosecutors told the Criminal Court the sailor, 28, was on 24-hour shore leave on January 19 this year when the attack happened.

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  • Lets hope she got some good thumps into his family jewels, so he will remember a long time.

  • mrsuggs

    Seems the Middle East men rape or try to rape woman at will. We have seen and heard so much from this part of the world- Laura Logan(CBS 60 minutes lady) to many tourist reports as well as this sailor. Glad she was one tough lady.

  • MIO

    No “buddy” system over there anymore?

  • I would love to date her….. but on the real I am glad she is safe…