Officer Applications Surge for LAPD, Job Described as “Recession-Proof”

The downturn in the economy has offered an upside for…

The downturn in the economy has offered an upside for the LAPD as it tries to meet Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s goal of achieving a 10,000-officer force by the fall. The department, which now has nearly 9,800 officers, has been hiring about 60 a month, more than making up for losses to retirement and attrition, Cmdr. Jim Cansler said.

The surge in applications is due to LAPD’s advertising message that describes crime-fighting as one of the few recession-proof careers: “During these times of economic uncertainty, the LAPD is always looking for a few good women and men to protect and to serve our communities. Never have to face a layoff again! Start your new career today!”

The spike in interest, from 401 people taking the applicants’ written test in December 2007 to 870 a year later, followed months of sharp but less eye-popping increases, recruiters said.

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