Officer Shoots Wife While Showing Gun to Friends

Image: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Police - K-9 Unit by niteowl7710, on…

Image: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Police – K-9 Unit by niteowl7710, on Flickr

Authorities say a Harrisburg police officer has been suspended without pay after he shot his wife in the buttocks as he was showing his department-issued gun to family and friends during a weekend cookout at his home.

Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico said Wednesday that the gun issued to Officer William Owens discharged and struck the officer’s wife. Marsico said he believes the shooting was an accident but charges could be filed if an investigation determines Owens acted recklessly.

Owens’ wife was treated at a hospital after the incident Saturday evening.

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  • I read the article… the gun fire multiple times, and the police department officially says it “accidentally” discharged more than once…

    I’m sorry, but I’ll give you “accidental” on the first shot fired… but the second, third, or fourth shot fired… I’m not buying it… maybe negligently, but not accidentally…

    Dann in Ohio

  • Steve in Oklahoma

    “weekend cookout at his home”…..yea, and I’ll bet no alcohol was involved either…..

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    and is she dont straighten up I’m gonna show off my rifle next week! LOL