Official: 2 Americans killed while training Afghan policemen.

Two American NATO-led troops were killed by an Afghan Border…

Two American NATO-led troops were killed by an Afghan Border Police officer Monday, a local official told CNN.

The victims were teaching a group of border policemen in a meeting room in Faryab in northern Afghanistan, according to the deputy governor of Faryab province, Abdul Sattar Bariz.
The gunman escaped on foot, running toward the desert, Bariz said.

“Initial reports say that there were about six Americans inside the meeting room and only two of them have been killed,” he said, adding that he did not have many other details.

NATO’s International Security Assistance Force said earlier two NATO troops had been killed after an individual wearing an Afghan police uniform opened fire.

The NATO-led force did not identify the nationality of the dead.

Source: CNN

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  • General Jim M

    One more thing….how long does it take to train police and troops? We fought WW2 in like 4 years.How long does it take to train an American cop? an American soldier? Who’s fooling who? They don’t want to be trained.They just want infidels to be close to them so they can kill us.In open battle they might lose a hundred to one but in guerilla warfare they can make it like one to one.They go to their virgins and our guys get blown up by IEDs.Pull out and occassionaly bomb them into the sone age,periodicly.Oh yea,when we leave let’s take our weapons back too.This giving weapons to foreign irregulars so they can turn the weapons on our guys is treasonous.

  • General Jim M

    Why do we insist that people that we bomb are our friends? They hate you,you are the infidel.They cannot be true friends of an infidel.They may pretend to befriend the infidel as long as the infidel has superior strength,but when the balance of power shifts they must kill you.That applies to muslims in America and europe too.Political correctness and self deceit will not win wars,unless of course,the aim is to lose the war.The people hostile to the representitive,constitutional republic of the United States of America are running the nation.Maybe it is their goal to weaken America so that it cannot challenge the globalists’ quest for one world government.There is no such thing as a “moderate” muslim,the moderates are the one’s who are afraid to attack the infidel.They will become braver as we become weaker.Presently they are waging war by just having lots of babies in the west,as those babies become young adults they will challenge the older European and American people.The two Americans,were they killed by guns supplied by the US government?

  • Never turn your back on an Islamist…ck 6 constantly.