Ohio bills would shield police addresses from public.

No one can recall a public-safety worker being injured or…

No one can recall a public-safety worker being injured or killed at home because someone with a grudge accessed public records to look up his or her address.

Yet, state lawmakers keep seeking to add to the list of public employees whose home addresses cannot be released to the public.

The home addresses of federal law-enforcement officers and probation officers would be shielded from release under separate bills pending in the Ohio House of Representatives.

Since the movement toward protecting the privacy of public-safety workers began about six years ago, Ohio has compiled a growing list of those whose personal information will not be turned over to the public. The list includes police officers, parole officers, assistant prosecutors, prison employees, youth services workers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, children services employees and Bureau of Criminal Investigation agents.

Source: Randy Ludlow for the The Columbus Dispatch via Police One.

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  • Rick

    Sounds like Ohio is getting ready for something. Wonder what?? I guess when the Country goes to crap, these people will be protected and we won’t.