Ohio Senate approves concealed weapons in bars.

Gun owners who carry the proper permit would be able…

Gun owners who carry the proper permit would be able to bring concealed guns into establishments and events where alcohol is served thanks to an Ohio Senate bill passed Thursday.

Legislators passed the bill by a 23 to 10 vote. It will now head to the Democrat-controlled House.
Ohio sheriffs and police chiefs posed objections to the bill. The legislation will not allow concealed carriers from drinking any alcohol, but the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police said that rule would be difficult to enforce.

The bill’s supporters in the Republican-led Senate said change is needed in the current law because prohibiting concealed weapons in bars and restaurants turns those places into “victim zones” where people can not protect themselves.

Source: WLWT

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  • kevin

    Having to pass a test and carry a permit is nothing but a waste of time and money. I took the ccw class and It is a very simple test that takes forever. The only people wasting there time and money on this beauracratic nonsense are law abiding citizens. It is time for the people of ohio to taKe a stand and push for true constitutional carry the way the founders had intended. President bush signed the patriot act which was sopposed to expire but obama extended it and now this anti gun cook is abusing this bill. do you really want your name on a list when at any moment some atf scum could have access to or even worse a criminal in your area looking to score a new piece? Wake up ohio

  • Im a firm believer in concealed carry,if law abiding citizens go through the background checks and try to do things right, they should be allowed to carry anywhere.The criminals dont care about the laws they carry everywhere and they know that the law abiding citizen is not