Ohio SWAT officers take turn sweeping middle school with unique training excersize (video).

The city police department got a unique opportunity Tuesday to…

The city police department got a unique opportunity Tuesday to practice tactics and scenarios in the former Fremont Middle School.

The department’s 10-person Special Weapons And Tactics team spent the morning in the Croghan Street building, slated for demolition later this month.

Team leader Sgt. Tony Emrich said the hands-on training provides invaluable experience for the officers to use in the real world.

“We don’t get an opportunity to come to a building that has multiple levels, multiple doors, multiple points of entry,” Emrich said. “It gives us an opportunity to actually come in and breach doors, find multiple access points, do team movement as a group and it gives us a chance to work together.”

Source: Mark Tower for The News-Messenger.

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  • I’m glad they have safety inserts in their pistols as the one officer cycles his action while sweeping his fellow officers with the muzzle of his pistol at 38 seconds into the video…

    Dann in Ohio

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Thats a good thing, it’s awesome to get good training like this especially on real buildings that are tough conditions for the operator with multiple doors, long hallways and different levels