Oklahoma advances open carry, multiple gun bills.

Image: Oklahoma state welcome sign on the west edge of…

Image: Oklahoma state welcome sign on the west edge of the Oklahoma panhandle. Okiefromokla (old)/Wiki

Oklahomans with concealed handgun permits would be allowed to carry their weapons in the open if a bill that easily passed the House of Representatives becomes law.

But members defeated an amendment Thursday that would have allowed for the open carry of handguns anywhere without a permit.

Senate Bill 1733 would allow anyone with a license to carry a firearm under the Oklahoma Self Defense Act to carry the weapon either openly or concealed. It passed 85-3 and is headed for a conference committee.

It also would allow a property owner to openly carry a handgun on his or her land. No concealed-carry permit would be required.

Source: Michael McNutt for NewsOK.com.

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  • victim in illiniose

    iv been a steel worker for 25 years and voted dem. all my life. and look what that has gotten me as far as my second amendment !!!voting republican. from now on until we get some sort of conceal carry like the rest of 340 million american have the right to do.. tired of being a victim every time i go out for dinner to st.louis mo. its that bad!!ride the metro link, day or night…. gun in your face,,the politians have body guards or carry., in this state, it has been proven.we have 2 past goveners in prison right now and a dem , gov, to big a pussy to pass. a bill to save lives in this state,,

  • David

    I’m looking forward to open carry… in Oklahoma’s 100+ degree summer heat.. wearing those outer garments to cover a weapon is pretty unbearable sometimes. I’ve carried concealed for almost 17 yrs without a single issue, if I can be trusted with a gun you can’t see… why would you be concerned about one you can see? If the weapon owner isn’t being threatening in his / her demeanor concealed, then they won’t be dangerous openly carring either. We are not going to do anything illegal to risk losing our license. The penalites can be pretty stiff in fines & possible jail time.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Still not holding my breath but it sure would be nice