Oklahoma House panel OKs bill to open carry weapons, bill headed to governor.

Oklahomans soon could be allowed to openly carry holstered firearms…

Oklahomans soon could be allowed to openly carry holstered firearms under a bill that passed the Senate on Thursday and is heading to Gov. Mary Fallin’s desk.

The Senate voted 33-10 for legislation that would allow residents who apply for a concealed carry permit to also openly carry their guns in a holster. Fallin generally withholds comment on legislation until her staff has had time to review it, but she has previously indicated she supports a “responsible” open-carry bill.

The measure approved in the Senate simply expands the state’s current concealed-carry law to include unconcealed weapons. Individuals would still have to take a firearms training course and apply for a license, which includes submitting photographs and fingerprints for a background check.

Source: The Associated Press via NECN.

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  • Freddie Mac

    The RPK is too busy banning unloaded open carry to even think about trying to reinstate loaded open carry. Damn I had this state.

  • Porch Monkey

    (think southern drawl here)
    Why they’re too busy haveing HO MO sexual relations and kill’n babies. They aint got no time for constiTOOtional matters.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Yep yep
    wont carry open except when hunting etc but I also wont go to jail for accidental xposure now either!!
    Where ya at ther kalifornia and NJ?!?