Oklahoma man indicted for possession of unregistered 40mm M203 grenade launcher.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — A federal grand jury has charged…

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — A federal grand jury has charged CHARLES ALAN DYER, 29, of Marlow, Oklahoma, with the unlawful possession of an unregistered destructive device and seeks forfeiture of the device, announced Sanford C. Coats, United States Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma.

According to the indictment, on January 12, 2010, in Stephens County, Dyer was in possession of a Colt M-203, 40-millimeter grenade launcher knowing that it was not registered to him in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Records.

If convicted, Dyer faces up to ten years in federal prison and a fine up to $10,000. The public is reminded that the indictment is merely an accusation and that the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

These charges are the result of an investigation conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office. The case is prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Andre’ Caldwell.

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  • John Gaddis

    It is the Law, you don’t break it just a little…

    If it wasn’t registered, it was stolen because from Factory to Dealer to Owner it is tracked… If it isn’t in the hands of the person holding the paper (registering it) then it is stolen…

  • cc19

    Ok, so the guy had a 40mm TUBE. So what? When was the last time anyone heard of a grenading-spree? Now if it was stolen property, that’s a whole other issue.