Oklahoma prepares for open carrying of firearms (video)

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With Oklahoma preparing for a much-debated new law that allows people to carry their previously concealed firearms out in the open, state officials say they’ve seen a big increase in the number of residents seeking a handgun license.

Oklahoma’s open-carry law goes it effect Thursday. It allows the estimated 141,000 Oklahomans with a license to carry a concealed firearm to also carry their weapons openly in a holster or belt.

It’s not clear if the spike in handgun applications is due to the new law. But over the past year, the number of residents applying for a handgun permit has increased by about 40 percent, said Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Jessica Brown.

The Republican-controlled Legislature approved the law and Republican Gov. Mary Fallin signed it earlier this year.

Don Spencer, a certified firearms instructor and the deputy director of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association that lobbied hard for the new law, said he believes the increase in applicants is connected more to the deadly movie theater shooting in Colorado in July that left 12 people dead and dozens more injured.

Source: CBS News

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  • Dan

    Now we are seeing a lot of Banks and Business’s putting up the No-Firearms signs, they think that is the solution.

    I am starting today, trying to make the rounds, to explain, that all those plastic signs will do is keep the good guys with guns out. ABad guys can’t read, and they are already breaking the law, what do they care.

    Any chance of defense from an unsuspected spectator just left.

    Dumb Decision for a Business to put those signs up. I have been actively carrying Concealed for nearly 15 years, have never been asked about it, have never been in a position where I needed to pull y firearm, but, I guess the number of business’s getting my business will lose my money.


  • Freddie Mac

    Damn, a state with some common sense.