Old-time Texas farmer sells “exploding” watermelons to help business (video).

An old-time farmer has turned to the Internet to help…

An old-time farmer has turned to the Internet to help his sagging business.

Dale Flukinger of Flukinger Farms has been a farmer all his life. He grows watermelons now, and barely broke even last year because of the drought.

This year, the crop exploded. Flukinger said he has so many melons that they’re getting too large and too ripe to eat. With the help of his son-in-law, Flukinger turned to the Internet for help.

“He did it for me, because I’m not a Craigslist kind of guy. Then he took it onto Facebook, and we’ve had a pretty good response,” said Flukinger.

The mangled melon video brought in more business, and Fulkinger said he re-learned the age-old farming lesson that there’s no magic bullet to a booming business.

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