Olympic security exercise takes flight: RAF Typhoons on the ready (video).

Image: Smudge 9000/Wiki Royal Air Force Typhoon jets have arrived…

Image: Smudge 9000/Wiki

Royal Air Force Typhoon jets have arrived at an airbase in London for a large-scale Olympic security exercise.

The aircraft will be based at RAF Northolt, taking part in eight days of training over London and the home counties until 10 May, as part of operation Exercise Olympic Guardian.

It is the first time fighter jets have been stationed at the west London site since WWII.

Exercise Olympic Guardian is taking place on land, sea and air in the London and Weymouth areas between 2 May and 10 May.

The security operations will also include:

  1. Royal Navy Sea King helicopters based at RAF Northolt
  2. RAF Puma helicopters and Royal Navy airborne early warning helicopters stationed at a Territorial Army centre in Ilford, east London
  3. The berthing of HMS Ocean at Greenwich, with a number of Royal Navy Lynx helicopters on board
  4. The deployment of HMS Bulwark and other ships to Weymouth Bay and Portland Harbour
  5. The operation of fast jets and helicopters over Greater London and the Home Counties
  6. 13,500 military personnel will be involved in protecting the games

Source: BBC

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