Olympics security fiasco continues as G4S boss admit he doesn’t know if guards can speak English.

Image: A G4S van in central London; Wikipedia Having been…

Image: A G4S van in central London; Wikipedia

Having been forced to apologise for failing to recruit enough Olympics security staff G4S’s boss was left red-faced again today after he admitted he had no idea if those who are working could speak English.

Asked whether all the security guards the company had recruited could speak fluent English, chief executive Nick Buckles said it was a ‘difficult question to answer’.

He added: ‘I am pretty sure that they can, but I can’t say categorically as I sit here today.’
Later asked the same question by Sky Mr Buckles said: ‘As part of the SIA (Security Industry Authority) training and as part of the SIA certification you have to be able to speak English. That’s the standard for the UK security industry.’

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