One percent of Wisconsin residents apply for conceal-carry permits since since law enacted.

Image: About 56,000 people have applied for state permits…


About 56,000 people have applied for state permits in the month and a half that Wisconsin’s concealed carry law has been in place. That’s 1% of the state’s population.

Almost 25,000 permit requests were processed by Dec. 11, and about 300 were rejected — mostly because the addresses on the applications don’t match those on the people’s motor vehicle documents.

Dana Brueck of the Department of Justice said only around two dozen applications were rejected due to the persons’ criminal records or mental health histories.

Brueck said it takes a week or two to process a completed application. Her agency is scrambling to get them done within the time limits set by the Legislature.

Lawmakers gave the department one full-timer and 10 part-timers to handle the initial flood of applications from November through March. But Brueck said it wasn’t enough. As a result, department employees have been working overtime, and workers from other parts of the agency have been helping the firearms unit.


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