‘Open carry’ ban wins approval in California Senate.

The state Senate has approved legislation today that would make…

The state Senate has approved legislation today that would make it a crime to openly carry an unloaded handgun in public.

Assembly Bill 144, by Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, D-La Cañada Flintridge, targets the “open carry” movement, marked by gatherings of people displaying their firearms in public places to protest gun-control laws.

The bill language contains a number of exceptions, including exemptions for peace officers, military gatherings, gun shows and hunting.

Democratic Sen. Kevin de León said the measure would stop a practice that alarms the public and creates a “potentially dangerous” situation when law enforcement officials or members of the public are unsure whether an exposed gun is loaded or not.

“This is not the wild west,” the Los Angeles Democrat said, adding, “How discomforting can it be if you walk into a restaurant, to Starbucks, to Mickey D’s, wherever it is that you may go to, and all of a sudden you see someone walking around with a handgun, and you don’t know, can’t discern if they’re a law enforcement agent.”

Source: Sacbee.com

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  • Ryan

    I get nervous when I go into a Starbucks and there’s some kid with a laptop and Chihuahua on the table. We should move to ban that too I supose. What happened to the land of the free?

  • Fred

    Good thing I left that con state Calif

  • Kevin K

    What do you mean all those who screwed up the Place have left or a leaving to screw up elsewhere.

    They should be Captured and Extradited!!!

  • A.C. Grand

    i truly believe Kalifornia is now a communist state. they are ruining any concept of freedom. Glad i am in Ohio we are passing pro-firearms laws left and right.

  • HCross

    My body is in SoCal, but my heart is TX, NH and Montana. God bless the USA, the devil can have the Republic of Kalifornia.

  • John

    Todd, California is turning into an effeminate weakling state of nancy boys. I guess it’s okay in California to teach young kids about historical people because of a sexual preference (homosexuality) but it’s not okay for civilians to open carry guns. California is truly the state of fruits and nuts.

  • Andrew

    CA government and the legal system there are corrupt institutions that are constantly meddling their liberal noses in other people’s rights. Whose to blame? Not those idiots but the ones that voted them in AND the ones that let them vote them in. Your making your own bed in CA your gonna have to sleep with the results of it. Fight for your rights!

  • Yevgeniy

    So where exactly in the state constitution is the “Right to be comfortable” or where is it in the Bill of Rights?

  • Todd D

    Actually, I feel safer when people have guns. Course, I have mine too. God I hate this state when it comes to it’s retarded gun laws. de Leon and Portantino need to go. The two of them are the worst thing to happen to California since the Barb’s.