Opposing sides clash over NRA-backed proposal to ease gun ban in national parks

The NRA-backed proposal to ease the ban on concealed carry…

The NRA-backed proposal to ease the ban on concealed carry weapons in national parks is creating quite a buzz on both sides of the issue.  Gun-rights activists believe the current rule, which forces carriers to lock their weapons in cars prior to entering national parks, violates the Second Amendment, while the opposing side believes that it’s not necessary to carry weapons in national parks due to negative incidents involving weapons in the past.  For more information on this, click here and return back to comment.

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  • Shane Butler

    While there has been much debate over the Second Amendment in the past and especially during the current administration it is a rediculous arguement. No LEGAL citizen of this country should be criticized for taking steps to protect his/her self and/or family from the criminal element. As far as carrying in national parks is concerned criminals know that it is illegal to carry in the parks. That leaves law abiding people wide open to fall prey to criminals. In this day and age with all the senseless shootings and rampant disregard for the law people need to be able to protect themselves. Some people may say that you can just wait for the cops but what will you do if the cops take a while to get there?