Oregon appeals court throws out university system gun ban.

The Oregon University System cannot ban guns on college campuses,…

The Oregon University System cannot ban guns on college campuses, the state Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday in a decision that overturns a decades-old prohibition.

A three-judge panel found that only the Legislature can regulate the possession of firearms under a 1995 state law intended to prevent cities from creating their own gun bans.

Gun-rights advocates cheered the decision as university administrators insisted campuses have safety systems to alert students and staff to potential threats.

“Our greatest concern is for the safety of our students and the entire campus community,” Chancellor George Pernsteiner said in a statement. He said the universities will review their legal options.

Source: Jonathan J. Cooper for the Associated Press via The Argus Observer.

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  • Charlie Wegman

    I continue to be puzzled by those who equate a gun in the hand of a crazed criminal as equal to a gun in the hand of a good citizen who has had an FBI background check. I practice shooting regularly and carry everyday to be prepared for the unlikely event that my life or the life of those innocents nearby is threatened. The country would be a much safer place if more people did the same.