Oregon bill would make names of concealed-weapon holders private (video).

Oregon lawmakers are considering a bill that would require the…

Oregon lawmakers are considering a bill that would require the names of those who carry concealed weapons to be kept private.

Last summer the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled that those names are public record. But now some people say it’s a level of privacy they need for their own safety.

Both sides of the argument say it’s a matter of life and death.

Rachel Lucas said that it took her years to work up the courage to speak publicly about being raped. And during a House hearing Wednesday at the Capitol she told her story on whether the names of people like her, with a concealed handgun license, should be public.

“The thought that my perpetrator might obtain that information or be able to find that information was terrifying to me,” she said.

Source: Adam Ghassemi for KATU News.

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  • Jeff

    Concealed means concealed. What don’t these meatballs get? How many attacks on legally carrying citizens would it take for them to get it? How many home invasions to steal guns? Do they think outing carrying citizens would stop them, stop me, from carrying? Would they prefer open carry? If they’re afraid of who might be carrying, they damn sure would be afraid of open carry and knowing for sure.

  • IN Texas the law states that the Department of Public Safety can only share our CHL data with Law Enforcement Agencies…NOT PUBLIC INFO.