Oregon House votes to make gun records private; bill moves to Oregon Senate.

Concealed handgun license holders would become anonymous under a bill…

Concealed handgun license holders would become anonymous under a bill approved by the Oregon House on Thursday.

House Bill 2787 prohibits public bodies from releasing information that identifies who is licensed to carry a concealed handgun. The proposal cleared the House by a wide margin, 42 to 18.

Oregon’s public records law allows for public inspection of handgun license applications, which ask for character references, previous crimes and drug use. The application authorizes the sheriff’s office to run a background check. Currently, applicants can claim personal safety reasons to keep information private.

Privacy advocates say gun ownership is no one else’s business.

“It’s just common decency not to put the information out there,” said Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin, who is president of the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association. The group sponsored the bill.

Source: Janie Har for The Oregonian.

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  • It is illegal in Texas for the State to reveal who is licensed to carry to anyone other than law enforcement agencies. Texas does not maintain any records of who owns what guns. NO gun registration exists in Texas. IT IS NOT THE BUSINESS OF THE STATE TO KNOW WHAT GUN YOU OWN, HOW MANY GUNS YOU OWN OR HOW MUCH AMMO YOU MAY POSSESS. DO NOT MESS with Texas or Texans.

  • John

    this is a good thing for oregon to do. i live in oregon now i feel safe.