Oregon man found with pellet gun, sniper book after football game held without bail

An Oregon man who authorities fear may have been plotting…

An Oregon man who authorities fear may have been plotting a sniper attack on a high school football game was ordered held without bail Monday until he goes on trial on federal firearms charges.

A federal judge in Medford ruled that Raphael Enrique Amoroso, a 26-year-old self-employed landscaper from Grants Pass, poses a danger to his community.

Magistrate Judge Mark D. Clarke said the weapons and the books, each by themselves, did not make Amoroso a danger. But taken together — along with his arrest at age 15 for shooting a pellet gun at a passing boat filled with tourists on the Rogue River, and writing on a classroom desk at 13 that he wanted to kill teachers and students — there was enough evidence to show he posed a danger.

Source: The Associated Press via Washington Post.

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  • Yeti

    It makes you a criminal when you have a proven history and expressed desire to harm others.

  • Ryan

    Since when does owning a book and a toy gun make someone a criminal?