Oregon Navy vet told: Take U.S. flag down or face eviction.

Image: KVAL Take the flag down and follow the rules…

Image: KVAL

Take the flag down and follow the rules – or you will be evicted.

That was the message sent to Edward Zivica in a letter he received from his apartment management company, St. Vincent de Paul, on Oct. 27.

Zivica, a Navy veteran, said he’s been hanging his American Flag outside in a common area of his Aster Apartment complex for at least a year on special holiday’s like Memorial Day and Labor Day.

“They said nothing about it and so I figured, well, maybe they understand now that I’m only putting it up on special days,” said Zivica.

But when he hung it up on Oct. 27 for Navy Day, his landlord took it down and served him with an eviction notice.

“The notice was for hanging something outside the building without permission,” said St. Vincent de Paul CEO Terry McDonald.

Read the rest Kristina Nelson’s article at KVAL News.

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  • Ronin

    Whats next holding your hand up to walk down their sidewalk.What don’t these apartment people under stand about good ole American freedoms. I’m A vet (retired) and my flag is hung on my porch with pride. If it gets to old and faded I replace it with a new one. They came and told me it was advertising so I had to take mine down. Told em nope its a porch shade just like the illegal immagrint has hanging on his porch. They left me alone after that.And yes it is advertising, the best kind, and if you don’t like it go back to where you came from. Nuff said?