Ottawa Police Services approve $291,506 bomb-disposal robot purchase. The decision to pay $291,506 for the remotely operated…

The decision to pay $291,506 for the remotely operated Andros Robot F6B carried without discussion. The robot will be used to investigate potential explosive devices and hostage and barricaded person calls and is capable of delivering items in tactical operations and orienting officers in dangerous and unfamiliar settings.

“It’s a very cool new robot. … When you’re talking about bombs, you want to be absolutely confident with the equipment you have,” said Jill Skinner, police superintendent in charge of emergency operations.

Police use the robot operationally 30 to 35 times a year and also use it in training exercises. The Andros robot uses a digital system, an improvement from the current robot’s analog system, and can deliver better range and image quality, she said. The police tactical team researched and made the recommendation for the purchase, given the current robot was reaching the end of its useful lifespan.

Source: Karen Chen for The Ottawa Citizen.

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