Outcast NYPD “rubber-gun squad” cops make full salary.

The NYPD keeps 300 cops on the payroll at an…

The NYPD keeps 300 cops on the payroll at an annual cost to taxpayers of $22 million, though police brass don’t trust them enough to give them guns or badges, The Post has learned.

Hundreds of officers, detectives and supervisors who have killed or assaulted people, violated civil rights, beat up their wives or girlfriends, driven drunk or hurt bystanders languish on modified duty — including one who’s been sidelined for 12 years — while still being paid their full salaries.

The “rubber-gun squad” makes the Department of Education’s “rubber room” scandal, in which 123 unseated educators cost taxpayers an estimated $9 million this year, look like child’s play.

These officers have been cleared of crimes or never charged, and the NYPD has opted not to fire them.

Without their weapons, the mothballed cops are prohibited from fighting crime or responding to emergencies.

Instead they do menial tasks that could be handled by civilians at a third of the cost.

Among those who have kept their cushy salaries are three officers who fatally shot Sean Bell and a patrolman who fired five rounds at Amadou Diallo.

Source: Reuven Blau and Brad Hamilton for the N.Y. Post.

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  • Tom from Roanoke

    Hey, I have an idea!

    Let these guys act as bodyguards for His Highness Michael Bloomberg, everyone knows he hates guns anyway.