Pakistan Tells U.S. It’s Ready to Deal With Safe Havens

Pakistan has signaled its readiness to U.S. officials to deal…

Pakistan has signaled its readiness to U.S. officials to deal with terrorist safe havens in response to pressure to deny sanctuary to militant groups as American forces withdraw from neighboring Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said.

“We are more encouraged with the fact that they want to take steps to try to limit the terrorist threat within their own country and obviously the threat that goes across the border” to Afghanistan, Panetta told reporters traveling with him to Kuwait today. General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, Pakistan’s top military officer, has “indicated a willingness to try to put more pressure on safe havens.”

While “actions have to speak louder than words, I do believe they’re in a better place because they understand the kind of threats they should deal with,” said Panetta, who arrived in Kuwait to meet with some of the 13,500 U.S. troops stationed in the Persian Gulf country.

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