Panic rooms and gun safes on rise in London luxury homes.

From our Steal Storage article. One Hyde Park, a development…

From our Steal Storage article.

One Hyde Park, a development in which the most expensive flat sold for 136 million pounds, has panic rooms and bullet-proof windows.

A 16 million-pound ($25 million) house on sale in the district of Kensington includes two panic rooms, two separate CCTV systems, safes for 24 guns and ammunition, bullet-proof windows and machinegun-proof doors.

Measures previously used by museums to protect artwork such as “security fog” are also now more common in homes, said Edo Mapelli Mozzi, managing director at consultancy Banda Property. Rooms fill with a thick fog in seconds to disorient intruders.

International security company Westminster Group, which provides services ranging from military training to fire safety, increased turnover to 10.1 million pounds from 3.8 million in 2011. It cited contracts won for “several high-net-worth properties in the UK including a stately home”.

“We are seeing more out-of-the-ordinary security with the huge influx of foreign investment in London,” said Westminster sales director Shires Crichton, referring to measures including armored cars and 24-hour surveillance.

Read the rest of Tom Bill’s Reuters report here.

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  • Nathan

    Makes perfect sense to me… how else could they maintain their legal and financial monopolies but to hold their population captive by arming only their captors? I think the politiski on our side of the pond have been taking careful notes…

  • Marcus

    So, wealthy foriegners running from trouble can have guns, but ordinary Britons can’t? What kind of sense does that make?!