Panteao’s Bob Vogel dominates at Pro-Am.

Image: Panteao Productions Not content with being the shooting champion…

Image: Panteao Productions

Not content with being the shooting champion in USPSA and IDPA, Bob Vogel went to the Pro-Am to show that he can shoot steel just as well as he can shoot paper.

Different than IDPA or USPSA, the Pro-Am is strictly a steel target match. Competitors have a set time to engage and knock down as many steel targets as possible. For every steel target they knock down they receive a point. Once the designated time runs out the targets are not counted. This makes for a challenging match that pits shooters from many shooting disciplines against each other.

So how to Vogel do? Shooting in Limited Pro division he took High Overall Limited Champion with 245 targets down and won the Professional Division. Using his limited gun he took a shot at the Open Pro division and came in 4thwith 235 targets down. Not too shabby.

Special thanks goes to the other sponsors that support Vogel like Safariland, Winchester, Pro-Ears, Rudy Project, Action Targets, Ionbond, and Taran Tactical.

Source: Panteao Productions

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Spankin the competition with a G Lock!!!!