Passaic County, NJ spends $20,000, takes in 282 weapons in Paterson gun buyback program (video).

The funds came out of money seized during drug arrests,…

The funds came out of money seized during drug arrests, but the $20,000 amount covers only the cost of buying weapons, and doesn’t include staff hours to run the program.

“These weapons could have caused significant loss of life and, of course, help perpetuate the cycle of gun violence plaguing our streets,” Sheriff Richard Berdnik said at a press conference before a table covered with 64 working firearms.

Most of the guns displayed didn’t resemble the type seen carried on the streets of Paterson, however: hunting rifles, B-B guns and decades-old pistols decades – a Lugar 9mm from World War II, a pistol modeled after a flintlock of colonial times. Mixed in were a few contemporary semi-automatic handguns and shotguns.

The weaponry will be destroyed without any ballistic tests to see if they were used in a crime, and no questions were asked of the owners.

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