Past lingers for company formerly called Blackwater, Xe.

Republican Palace, American Embassy Annex, US State Department security (Blackwater),…

Republican Palace, American Embassy Annex, US State Department security (Blackwater), International (Green) Zone, central Baghdad, Iraq. Image: jamesdale10 via Flickr.

As it goes about the complicated task of putting its past behind it, the Moyock, N.C.-based company once known as Blackwater is going through some lean times.

Nevertheless, its reach has never been wider. Its workers have deployed to more than a dozen countries around the world, many of them hot spots of civil unrest.

That should be no cause for alarm, the current owners say, because the old company is no more. Blackwater – some of whose security operatives were accused of killing civilians in war zones, and several of whose top executives face felony firearms charges – is dead and buried, a stake plunged into its heart.

To drive the point home, last month the company unveiled its second rebranding since 2009, dumping the name Xe, successor to Blackwater, in favor of the studious-sounding Academi.

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    If they were so awful then why did the State Dept use them? Blackwater ruled and war stinks because the lines are never clear. To many xbox reporters that think they know whats what

  • AJ

    …cant’ or not allowed to do!

  • Bogie

    I think Blackwater did the job that the US is/was affraid to do,the US cannot function without PMC’s in this day and time for that reason i say thank God for Blackwater.

  • kurt

    Thank you to all the PMC’s that do the jobs our military can’t.