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Pat McNamara hard at work|Photo by Combat Strength Training

Pat McNamara Launches ‘Combat Strength Training’ Program

Spec Ops veteran Pat McNamara has launched his Combat Strength Training website, which helps the body 'perform with maximum efficiency at maximum capacity.'

When it comes to the tactical community, Pat McNamara is one of the most respected experts out there — and one of our personal favorites.

McNamara recently launched his new Combat Strength Training program and website, which focuses on transforming the human body into the most useful machine it can be.

The program is broken down into four categories, which are based on where the participant is in terms of physical shape and desire.

According to the new website:

Combat Strength Training (CST) is a fitness training methodology with deep roots in the US Army Special Operations community. The approach retrofits the Combat Chassis (a.k.a. the body) so that it performs with maximum efficiency at maximum capacity.

The methodology was developed by Pat “Mac” McNamara, a 22-year veteran of U.S. Army Special Operations (including an elite Tier 1 Special Missions Unit) to achieve three primary goals:

  1. Save your life.
  2. Save your family and friend’s lives.
  3. Crush bad guys.

CST seeks to achieve these goals by heavily focusing on self-preservation and longevity because it recognizes that a broken chassis is not conducive to mission completion.

For more information on McNamara’s Combat Strength Training program, please visit

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