EXCLUSIVE: Pave Hawk Gunner Opens Up Minigun During MEDEVAC

A 2009 MEDEVAC in an Afghanistan hot zone resulted in a Sikorsky HH-66 Pave Hawk gunner firing off quite a few rounds to support troops on the ground.

Athlon Outdoors has obtained exclusive footage of a Sikorsky HH-66 Pave Hawk MEDEVAC that took place Aug. 9, 2009, in Afghanistan.

The footage is taken directly from the helmet cam of the gunner: Airman Jason “Reddawg” Red. The crew was picking up wounded Afghan soldiers in a hot zone, which required Red to use his M134 Minigun.

“That crew killed 13 bad guys that day and got DFCs (Distinguished Flying Crosses),” said retired Air Force pilot MJ Hegar, who was familiar with the mission. “Two SEALs on the ground got Navy Crosses. They really did good work that day.”

The Sikorsky HH-66 Pave Hawk is the U.S. Air Force variant for combat search and rescue. Typically, the Pave Hawk is outfitted with mini guns and carries a crew of Air Force Special Operations Pararescue Para Jumpers.

Watch the video above to see the MEDEVAC crew in action.

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